How to Make Campfire in Little Alchemy 1 and 10

how to make a campfire in Little Alchemy 1 and 10 Faq | Discover the secrets to conjuring a campfire in Little Alchemy levels 1 and 10. Learn the magical element combinations for a roaring fire to keep your alchemist warm.
How to Make Campfire in Little Alchemy 1 and 10

How to Make Campfire in Little Alchemy 1 and 10 - 10 Quick FAQs Answered

What is Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is a popular crafting game where you start with basic elements like air, earth, fire and water and combine them to create over 500 new objects. The fun is in mixing and matching elements to find surprising new combinations. You unlock more crafting possibilities as you progress through the game. Little Alchemy has a simple drag-and-drop interface and soothing background music, making it easy to lose yourself in hours of crafting exploration.

Why Make Campfire in Little Alchemy?

A campfire is one of the most nostalgic and comforting items you can craft in Little Alchemy. Sitting around a virtual campfire invokes memories of camping trips, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. The campfire element also unlocks several key crafting combinations needed to progress in the game. Making a campfire helps you learn the basics of combining fire with other items. Once you know how to make a campfire, you'll be well on your way to crafting more advanced items.

What Level Do You Unlock Campfire?

You can make campfire as early as Little Alchemy level 1, making it one of the easiest and most essential items to craft for beginning players. A campfire only requires two elements - fire and wood. You start Little Alchemy with the basic elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Wood is one of the first items you can create by combining air and earth. Then just drag fire and wood together and you have a campfire!

How to Make Campfire in Little Alchemy 1?

Follow these simple steps to conjure a campfire in the first level of Little Alchemy:

  1. Begin with the starter element "fire" on the left side of your crafting screen. This is one of the four basic elements provided at level 1.
  2. Create "wood" by combining air and earth. Air is another starter element.
  3. Drag the wood you created and drop it on top of the fire.
  4. Voila! By combining wood and fire you have crafted a campfire in Little Alchemy level 1.

It only takes two elemental ingredients and a few seconds to make a cozy campfire for your alchemist.

What Can You Make with Campfire in Little Alchemy 1?

The campfire you make in level 1 opens up several new item possibilities to discover, including:

  • Cooked food: Combine campfire and food
  • Smoke: Combine air and campfire
  • Fireplace: Combine house and campfire
  • Chimney: Combine smoke and house

Playing with different campfire combinations is an excellent way for beginners to advance to Little Alchemy level 2 and beyond.

How to Make Campfire in Little Alchemy 10?

By Little Alchemy level 10, there are many more crafting options available. But the steps to make basic campfire remain the same:

  1. Start with the element "fire"
  2. Create "wood" by combining air and earth
  3. Drag wood onto the fire to make a campfire

The only difference is that in level 10 you'll have access to more advanced types of wood to burn, such as lumber, driftwood, or even a log cabin! Feel free to experiment with combining these woods with fire to see what interesting campfires you can create.

What Can You Make with Campfire in Little Alchemy 10?

With over 300 items available by Little Alchemy level 10, the crafting possibilities with campfire are nearly endless. Some fun creations include:

  • Bonfire: Combine campfire and big
  • Fireworks: Combine gunpowder and campfire
  • Barbecue: Combine meat and campfire
  • Smores: Combine chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers
  • Fireman: Combine human and campfire
  • Ash: Combine campfire and water

The campfire element unlocks new combinations with items from food to occupations. Playing with a campfire is a great way to unlock more complex crafts on your journey to level 100.

How Do You Make Smores with Campfire in Little Alchemy?

One of the most iconic campfire treats is smores. Follow these steps to craft ooey-gooey smores in Little Alchemy:

  1. Make chocolate by combining sugar and cocoa.
  2. Make marshmallows by combining sugar and gelatin.
  3. Make graham crackers by combining flour, sugar and honey.
  4. Create a campfire by combining fire and wood.
  5. Finally, drag chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers over the campfire.

Roasting those sweet ingredients over the virtual campfire makes smores! This is just one of many delightful food combinations you can discover with campfire.

What are the Best Campfire Combinations in Little Alchemy?

Some of the most fun and useful campfire combinations to try in Little Alchemy include:

  • Fireworks: Add gunpowder to generate celebratory explosions.
  • Cooked Food: Roast any food to improve its flavor.
  • Bonfire: Make a big, festive fire by adding the "big" element.
  • Chimney: Allow the smoke to rise by building a chimney on your house.
  • Fireman: Craft a helpful hero by adding humans to the fire.
  • Ash: Extinguish the flames by pouring water on the campfire.

Mixing the campfire with other items like time, night and beer also creates atmospheric scenes to enjoy.

Can You Make Campfire in Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 is the sequel game with over 700 new items to discover. Not only can you make campfire in Little Alchemy 2, but it's easier than ever. The wood element is now available from the start, so you can make a campfire right away in level 1 by combining wood and the starter element fire.

All the original campfire crafting combinations still apply. And with the expanded library of elements, you can find even more interesting recipes like bonfire, grill, and firefighter. Campfire remains a key to progression in Little Alchemy 2.

Is Campfire an Important Element in Little Alchemy?

Absolutely! Campfire is one of the most useful and versatile elements to create in Little Alchemy. It unlocks crafting paths for food, buildings, occupations, and more. Campfire is also required to advance beyond the beginner levels and progress in the game. Mastering campfire provides a solid foundation in the basics of combining fire with other items. Starting with a campfire is the best way to learn Little Alchemy crafting skills that will serve you well on your entire alchemical journey.

So grab some wood, spark a flame, and start making campfires! This magical element will warm your alchemist's heart while unlocking hours of crafting fun. With over 500 items to discover, campfire is just the first step to becoming a Little Alchemy master.


I hope this guide covered everything you need to know about crafting campfire in Little Alchemy levels 1 and 10. Making virtual campfires allows you to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting by a fire. Experiment with campfire combinations to advance your Little Alchemy skills and bring more magic into your life. The right campfire recipe can transform your crafting as you learn, grow and unlock new elements. Thanks for reading and happy alchemizing!

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