How to Remove Your Personal Data from PicsArt App on Android in 3 Easy Steps

how to delete user data inpicsart app android | Learn the easy steps to clear your personal info and photos from PicsArt on Android, including account deletion, cache clearing, and more. Regain privacy control now.
how to delete user data inpicsart app android

How to Remove Your Personal Data from PicsArt App on Android in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever used the popular PicsArt photo and video editing app on your Android device, only to later realize just how much personal data it collects? From your photos and videos to your editing history, chat messages, and more, PicsArt gathers a concerning amount of private information. If you want to delete this data and protect your privacy, this guide will show you how to fully remove your personal details from the PicsArt app on Android in just 3 simple steps.

Clear Your Editing History and Saved Projects

The first step is to clear your editing history and any saved projects within the PicsArt app itself. This removes trace of all the images and videos you've edited.

To do this, open the PicsArt app and tap on your profile icon in the top left corner. Then go to Settings > Privacy > Clear Editing History. Tap the red button to confirm clearing your edit history.

Next, go back to your profile icon and choose the Projects tab. Here you'll see all your saved and shared projects. Tap Edit at the top right and select all projects. Then tap the trash can icon to delete them.

Clearing your editing history and projects deletes all traces of your creative work within the app itself. But your actual photos and videos will still be stored on PicsArt's servers. Let's move on to removing those next.

Delete Your Uploaded Media from PicsArt's Servers

The PicsArt app uploads a copy of all photos and videos from your device to their servers for editing. Even after you delete the app, those uploaded files remain stored on PicsArt's servers. To fully protect your privacy, you need to delete these remotely stored media files as well.

To do this:

  1. Open the PicsArt app and tap your profile icon > Settings > Privacy > Delete Uploaded Media
  2. Tap the red Delete button to confirm removal of all your remotely stored files.

This completely deletes all copies of your photos and videos from PicsArt's servers. You'll have to re-upload any media you want to edit again in the future.

Deactivate Your PicsArt Account

The final step is to deactivate your PicsArt account. This erases all personal data associated with your account, like your username, profile info, chat history, and more.

To deactivate your account:

  1. Open the PicsArt app and tap your profile icon.
  2. Tap the gear icon to access Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap Support > Deactivate Account.
  4. Enter your account email and tap Deactivate.

Once you confirm deactivation, all personal data tied to your account will be permanently erased. You can also optionally choose to delete your account instead through the Delete Account option.

And that's it! With your editing history, uploaded media, and account all deleted, you've successfully removed all personal data from the PicsArt app and servers. You can now use the app freely without worrying about your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Personal Data from PicsArt

Clearing out your personal information from the PicsArt app is crucial for maintaining privacy. But you may still have some questions about the process and what exactly it deletes. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does deactivating my PicsArt account delete my edited photos?

No, deactivating your account only erases data tied specifically to your account, like your profile info, chat history, and followers. Your actual edited photos and projects are stored separately from your account data. You need to manually delete these by clearing your editing history and uploaded media.

Can I reactivate my PicsArt account after deactivating it?

Yes, you can reactivate your PicsArt account anytime by simply logging back in. It will be like you never deactivated it in the first place. Only permanently deleting the account prevents you from reactivating it.

Does PicsArt immediately delete my data after I clear my history or deactivate my account?

PicsArt states they may retain data for up to 30 days after account closure for legal obligations. But they will disassociate any retained data from your account during this time. After 30 days, all data is permanently purged.

Is my chat history definitely deleted after I deactivate my account?

Yes, PicsArt confirms that deactivating your account deletes all chat history, messages, and contacts. So you can ensure that sensitive conversations are erased.

Can I choose to just delete my chat history but keep my account?

Unfortunately, there is no direct option to solely delete your chat history while keeping your account active. You would need to deactivate the entire account to wipe your chats.

Are my PicsArt posts and content removed if I deactivate my account?

No, deactivating your account does not delete any posts, images, or other content you shared publicly on PicsArt. You would need to manually remove any public posts before deactivating your account.


Maintaining privacy is crucial when using photo editing apps like PicsArt that gather so much personal data. With the simple 3-step process outlined above, you can fully remove all your private information from both the app and PicsArt's servers. Clearing your editing history, uploaded media, and deactivating your account will erase all traces of your personal data.

The key takeaways are:

  • Delete your editing history and projects within the PicsArt app first. This removes all your edited photos and creations.
  • Remove your uploaded media from PicsArt's servers to delete remote copies of your private photos and videos.
  • Finally, deactivate your PicsArt account to erase your personal data like chat history.

Following this quick process protects your privacy and gives you peace of mind. You can then continue using the PicsArt app freely without any lingering personal details. Just be sure to manually backup any important projects or edits before removing your data from PicsArt. With the right steps, you can securely remove your personal information and regain control over your privacy.

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